Candombe is today on of the most eloquent musical expressions of Uruguayans, and for those individuals that have immigrated  it is the ambassador of our survival and overcoming barriers and repression.

It has infused our society and it became a cultural element , the musical expression , that bind us, as it did in its origins with the ethnic groups during the colonial era.  

Today the contribution of the African slaves has evolved, this human expression , the rhythm from the calling of the drums is blind to color, race or social status it has become a socio-cultural  phenomenon .

 Candombe origins

Mario Cazeneuve, a New Yorker with Uruguayan roots , assembled a group of seasoned musicians with a shared passion for Latin Jazz and candombe,  which was named Afro-Dysia.  The composition of the band respresents the melting pot that is New York. Arturo Prendez, Cecilia Tenconi from Argentina,, Erika Cazeneuve  from New York , Kevin Bruce Harris also a New Yorker,  Alejandro "Chato" Fernandez  &  Ariel Benatar both from Uruguay make Afro-Dysia.  

Afro-Dysia's original repertoire demonstrates the cross cultural influences with the wide range of musical styles sipping thru the piano player compostions. Their musical program is performed in Spanish and English,